- Let's talk hormones!
Hormones got you confused?
Do you spend your days happy, sad, confused, crying, foggy, sleepy?

Let's spend some time together learning - at a basic level - about some of the things that can be playing with our hormones - and it might not be what you are thinking?!

- How do your water bottles affect your hormones?
- What about your perfumes?
- Ever thought about your cleaning products and your hormones?


Sleep - how does that affect your hormones - and how do your hormones affect your sleep?!


We'll share some of our favourite products for balancing ourselves as women, and balancing ourselves into a beautiful nights sleep.......

We'll even make a sleepytime roll-on for you to take home and relax into sleep :) 

Join us for a great night full of fun, laughs, oils and more during our - Let's talk hormones!