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Naomi & Warren Dyer

  • CAMDEN, NSW 2570
  • 0406 995 404

About Me

Limelizard focuses on education. We believe that by helping you learn as much as you can you will be empowered to make a real difference in your life, and that of others.

Essential Oils and natural health can be overwhelming, however we aim to make it FUN and not so confusing!

So, who are Limelizard? At the helm are Naomi and Warren -

As the parents of 2 gorgeous girls, we always wanted to make sure they led a very healthy life. However, our eldest, developed food intolerances at age 3. By the time she was 8 years old, she had seen many 'medical' specialists, had lots of tests, and was now at the stage that even healthy food was bringing on symptoms - such as immediate stomach cramps, pale skin, dark circles around eyes, and general illhealth. She was being sent home from school, we were unable to eat at restaurants, and as a parent it was heartbreaking to see her go to her friends birthday parties only to end up doubled over in pain after eating even the smallest amount of party food, and having to leave after only 1/2 hour. The final straw was when a top specialist told us that they were out of ideas and to try giving her an adult migraine medication next time she had an episode! This was NOT something we were prepared to do.

It came to Naomi one night that maybe it was hidden additives and preservatives in her food, and after much research and a course in children's health, we eradicated many foods in our home that we did not realise contained particularly nasty 'hidden' additives and preservatives. Within 2 weeks she was 70% percent better!

We also consulted a naturopath who worked wonders with her. After only 2 sessions with him she was 99 percent better! We also discovered Young Living Essential Oils along our journey, and use them every single day to maintain our our wellness.

Naomi was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years ago. Following a harrowing time of operations, complications, radiation treatment, and time away from our children, she ended up with paralysed vocal cords. It was at this time she knew she needed to make a change in her life, and that of our family.

She decided to bring Young Living products into our lives on a much larger scale. Repacing all personal care products, cleaning products, nutritional supplementation and more with Young Living products. No more going to the supermarket and reading labels, trying to figure out which products had been 'green-washed'. We now simply order online (saving my lots of time!), whenever we need to, and know 100% that there are no nasty chemicals in our house, or going on or in our body.

Knowing that our essential oils, and oil infused products, come from a source where they plant the seed, cultivate, harvest, test, and seal, therefore following the whole process through gives us complete confidence in the products. Young Living are such a transparent company.

We can, and have, even gone to the farms to see first-hand how our essential oils are grown and created. No closed doors. What other company in the world does that?

We could go on and on about all of the results we have had, but how about taking this time to go through the rest of our website. There are other stories, a LOT of information, and a contact page if you still have questions.

Also, assisting people to start their own Young Living Lifestyle Business is one of our greatest passions. So if you are looking for a second income, or to have a business with minimal overheads, where you can work ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and assist people to bring wellbeing into their lives then let us know! - PLUS there are amazing opportunities for travelling - so far we have been able to take our family to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, a Rainforest, around Australia, to the USA several times and more to come!

We not only love our products, love educating people, but also love the profession of network marketing. We are absolutely passionate about debunking myths that surround this profession, and theĀ amazing business opportunity, we like to call - The Young Living Lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? We would LOVE you to JOIN THE LIZARD TEAM and share our experiences, whether it be as a customer or as a business builder!

Kind Regards
Naomi & Warren